Academic competitions are regularly organized to inspire and enlighten the students. Students can choose math, science, humanities, or multidisciplinary events. Student has the liberty of performing individually or with a team.

We at Vidya Global School understand the importance of such competitions. Academic competitions challenge the students to showcase their proficiency in academic subjects at a level above that of a typical classroom setting or standardized testing. Various academic competitions are organized from time to time. Some of the major competitions that take place during the academic session are as follows:

  • Debate competitions
  • STEAM competitions
  • Foreign Language Competitions
  • Informatics competitions
  • Knowledge bowl competitions
  • Literary competitions (including essay competitions)
  • Linguistics competitions
  • Mathematical modeling competitions
  • Mathematics competitions
  • Puzzle competitions
  • Science competitions
  • Speech competitions
  • Spelling competitions
  • Technology competitions
  • Vocabulary competitions

Undergoing such rigorous set of academic competitions enable our students with advance academic and literary skills that couldn’t be polished by the mere exposure to classroom learning.