“Good Teachers Are The Reason Why Ordinary Students Dream To Do Extra Ordinary Things “

“The mediocre teacher tells, The good teacher explains, The superior teacher demonstrate, The great teacher inspires”

We at VGS give major emphasis on content knowledge, excess use of technologies, innovative training programs with an aim to produce better teachers. Various teacher-induction programs are organized for beginning teachers as a support that create opportunities for novice teachers to learn from best practices and analyze and reflect on their teaching.

We know that teaching matters and we place a high value on preparing our teachers to become effective educators in both elementary and secondary classrooms. Teacher preparation programs are designed to provide teachers with opportunities to gain the critical knowledge skills needed to teach all the children.

Ongoing professional development program keeps teachers up-to-date on new research on how children learn, emerging technology tools, new curriculum resources and many more. As a teacher at VGS you can avail various opportunities such as professional development organized through CBSE and other guiding agencies which are essential for your growth and recognition.


Support for beginning teachers is often uneven and inadequate. Even if well prepared, new teachers often are assigned to the most challenging schools and classes with little supervision and support. Inducting the teachers with the basic knowhow is crucial to their success especially if they are assigned demanding school environments.

Mentoring and coaching from veteran colleagues is critical to the successful development of a new teacher. Great induction programs create opportunities for novice teachers to learn from best practices and analyze and reflect on their teaching.


As a teacher at Vidya Global School, you can avail of in-service opportunities for professional development, both in India and abroad. Many of our professional development programmes are organized through the Central board of secondary Education (CBSE) and other training agencies. Vidya Global School provides you with various opportunities, which are quintessential for your growth and recognition.